Jean Lester

Jean Lester works out of her home and studio in Ester Alaska, just outside of Fairbanks. She studied painting in San Francisco after leaving her native Canada, and has lived and painted in Alaska since 1970. She is well known for her images of flowers, people, and landscapes done in her own intuitive and impressionistic style, and her paintings hang in private collections in the United States, Japan, Switzerland and Canada.

She is also known for her unique oral history books about notable Alaskans in which she presents their life stories, told in their own words along with her sensitive portraits in oils and pastels.

This is her own statement:

“I’ve painted off and on my whole life. It is what I do, not what I talk about. Every time I start a painting it turns out differently than what I had intended, sometimes for the better. In the last few years I’ve started seeing flowers and landscapes as just form, patches of color and light, movement and balance. To paraphrase Proust, ‘There are no new landscapes, only new perspectives.’ I like to see my artistic skill morph as I try to look at everything I see from a different perspective and accept the validity of that vision.”


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